Ground Lamp "Heavenly Atmosphere" / Lampada da Terra "Atmosfera Celeste"

A stem, a blue blossom that drifts toward infinity,

with its color games creates a diffused light for a romantic conversation,

to find yourself or with the loved ones,

a light of sky in the corner of your home.

Made with abstract pics by Pier and colored paper mounted on iron wire, treated with resin which gives it sturdiness, transparency and flexibility, the leaves are then mounted on a black metal stem.

The height in the photos is about 1.60 mt. (5,25 feets),
(we can put a rot more of 1 feet, for total heigh 1,90 mt. (6.25 feets)

the diameter of the flower is about 60 cm. (24")

Base measurement is 27 cm. (10,6")

The total wire length of 2.00 mt. (6,5 feets)

The holder is E26/27 to be used with LEDs,
in the photos we used a round LED lamp
of 470 lumens, warm light 3000K, 7W consumption.
The bulb is not supplied.

This ground lamp is ready to ship.

We will ship it dismantled with very simple instructions to reassemble it.

                                                     For Sale on Etsy / In Vendita su Etsy


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