Lampadario "Medusa" / "Floating Jellyfish" chandelier

A fantastic chandelier for fantastic emotions, our new jellyfish lamp highlights changes shape and color from different points of view. With its transparency and color overlays creates really striking effects, and takes you into a magical world full of serenity and tranquility.

The Medusa and carried out entirely by hand with a special procedure that through the use of resins, creates this spectacular glass effect, while remaining the lamp light, robust and unbreakable.

We like to think that our lamps have a positive effect due to light, color and love with which to realize our creatures.
If you need any further information please contact us we will be happy to answer.

High about 20 inch. (50 cm) and wide 16 inch. (40 cm.) , it was mounted on a metal holder brass color.

Like all our lamps, jellyfish chandelier is unique and it's ready for free shipping.


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