"Black Orchid" Table Lamp / Lampada loto Orchidea Nera.

Lamp "Black Orchid" was created to a light-dark atmosphere,
the inner petals are made of images of nature and plants, a very nice contrast and sophisticated with red, yellow, black, green, and pink and blue petals.

The lamp is made entirely by hand and is made of resin, a material that allows to obtain the transparency of glass while being flexible and unbreakable, the leaves can be gently bent to fit the desired shape.

Only use LED lamps in the images we used two different types of light bulbs to warm and cool light, so the effect difference is noticeable.

The object dimensions are approximately 9" (23 cm.)  high, by 12" (30 cm.) wide,

The lamp is a single piece and is ready to be shipped for free.

Contact us for more information.

Thank you.


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